Jesus calls qualified men to lead his church as elders, whom we also call pastors. Qualifications for eldership are found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, and include leading their families well, a record of serving Jesus well both in the church and in everyday life, a thorough knowledge of the Bible and a mature Christian walk, and a good reputation both in and out of the church. The primary duties of elders include praying and studying Scripture, leading the vision of the church, caring for the people of the church, teaching, living lives that are exemplary, protecting the people of the church from false doctrine and teachers, and developing other leaders.

KURT HANNAH  | Lead & Church Scattered Pastor

Kurt Hannah

Founding Pastor, Missio Dei Church

Lead Pastor, Missio Dei Collective

Teaching Pastor, Missio Dei Central

Regional Director, Ohio River Region, Acts 29 Network

JUSTIN RAHMES   Church Gathered Pastor

Justin Rahmes

Teaching Pastor, Missio Dei North

MATT KORTE   Church Planting Resident

Matt Korte

Pastor of Care and Community, Missio Dei Central


Mikey Conrad

Pastor, Missio Dei Central

Casey Groover.jpg

Casey Groover

Pastor Designate, Missio Dei North

BEN KELLY   Pastor

Ben Kelley

Pastor, Missio Dei Central


Jordan Boyd

Pastor, Missio Dei North



Tanner Ray Daniels

Responsive Arts Director, Missio Dei Central

Rachel Leak Headshot_Square.jpg

Rachel Leak

Deacon of Missio Kids, Missio Dei Central

Headshot - square.jpg

Josh Hopper

Administrator, Missio Dei Collective



Jesus calls qualified men and women to lead his church as deacons, a word that is literally translated as “servants.” The office of deacon is first mentioned in Acts 6. As the burden of ministry grew for the early church, elders, in addition to prayer, study, leading, and teaching, were also taking on large workloads to serve the needy in the church and handle the administrative functions of the church. As a solution, the elders appointed deacons to assist the elders in these responsibilities. At Missio deacons assist the elders in the day-to-day functions of church administration and activity. Qualifications for deacons are found in 1 Timothy 3 and include integrity, generosity, soberness, a clear understanding of the Bible, a well-ordered home, and a good reputation both in the church and outside the church.


Michael & Chelsea Flahive

Deacons of Hospitality

[Position currently vacant]

Deacon of Facilities

Luke & Mary Grace Sillies

Deacons of Communities

Michael Atchison

Deacon of Technology