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Music Release

Releasing Easter Sunday

This Easter, our Responsive Arts team will be releasing a set of three recordings. They're original arrangements that we've produced in-house, and we're so excited to finally share them with you. You'll be able to listen and download at the link below or any of the major music platforms.

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Good Friday Gatherings

Fri • April 19 • 7pm & 8:30p • Hosted at Central

Good Friday is coming fast! Missio Dei holds Good Friday gatherings to remember Jesus’ death on the cross and the weight of our sin that He carried. Both Missio Dei Central and Missio Dei North will gather at the Central Campus to worship together and remember this great sacrifice. Join us at either 7:00 PM or 8:30 PM. Click the button below for directions.

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Easter Morning Gatherings

Sun • April 21 • Central & North

Holy week is coming, and of course that means Easter Sunday is coming. We love Easter because it reminds us not just of Jesus’ death, but of his resurrections and the immense joy and freedom that brings. Join us at either Missio Dei Central or Missio Dei North. Missio Central will have special gathering times for Easter: 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am. Missio North will have it’s normal 10:00am gathering. We hope to see you, your friends, and your family at one of our gatherings!

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Missio Global Event • Tijuana

Sat • April 27 • 9:00am • Hosted at Central

Missio Global is a network of partnerships with the purpose of supporting church planting internationally. Two of our Missio Global partners currently work in Tijuana, Mexico. The last weekend of April, our Tijuana partners will be in Cincinnati. On Saturday, April 28th, Missio will be hosting a teaching time and Q&A at 9:00am. Come out, enjoy some coffee and donuts, and listen to our Tijuana partners about the ministry happening there. If you are unable to attend, don't worry, one of the two Pastors will be preaching the following Sunday's gatherings at both Missio Central and North.


Orange Financial Class

May 4 • 9:00am • Hosted at Central

Missio is partnered with Orange Financial and is happy to host an event designed to help people measure wealth not by how much they possess, but by how much they can give away. We look forward to this event and hope to see you there!


Child Dedications

Sun • May 12 • Gatherings • Central & North

Do you have a child you would like to dedicate to raising in the truths of the Gospel? We would love to highlight that decision publicly so that we as a church can support you in that endeavor. Sign up to participate in child dedications using the form below. 

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Connect Month

Connect Month is next month! Connect Months are a time for rest and reconnection. Here are the classes that are being offered! All classes will begin on May 1st, at 7:00pm. Childcare will be provided.


Intro to Missio

New around here? Join us for Intro to Missio! It's a simple class where we'll take some time to help you understand who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do. If you're interested in membership, this class is a requirement. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Both Missio Central & Missio North will have specific Intro to Missio classes. This class will meet for three weeks. Registration required.

Foundations of Marriage

Paul called marriage a "Divine Mystery". There's no doubt in our minds that marriage can be tricky. That's why we offer this class! If you're interested in learning more about marriage, whether you're single, engaged, or already married, we'd love to have you join us!

Foundations of Marriage will be hosted at Missio Central, but is open to all! This class will meet for three weeks. Registration is required.

Community Leader Bootcamp

Missio communities are the lifeblood of our church. Our aim is to be a church of communities, not simply a church with communities. If you're interested in learning more about communities or leading a community, this class is for you!

 Community Leader Bootcamp will be hosted at Missio Central, but is open to all! The class will meet for three weeks. Registration is required.


Prayers to Consider

Prayer is how we commune with God. It's how we align our hearts with His. Our desire to depend on Him expresses our worship of Him. There are all kinds of things we can pray about every week when it comes to the ministry that's happening at Missio, but here are a few that are on our mind specifically. If you have a prayer request to share with us use this form.

Holy Week


Holy Week is approaching. This time can tend to be a busy season for churches and families. Pray with us as we set aside intentional time to remember the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.

First Time Guests


We are excited to open our doors for Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter. Join us in prayer for those who decide to make Missio their home for Holy Week. Pray that we can demonstrate the Gospel clearly and make known the finished work of Christ.

Connect Month

Church Community

Somehow, it’s already April?! May is a Connect Month. Connect Months are a time for rest and reconnection. Let's all pray for those who are connecting to Missio for the first time. Let's pray for all the classes, meet-ups, and trainings that are happening this month. This is a wonderful time to connect with what the Lord is doing in us, around us, and through us.


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