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Need Some Help Saying Something?

We got you.



Missio Dei Collective is made up of two churches and quite a few people. That being said, we work hard to communicate well in order to keep everyone on the same page.

We need your help to do that.

If you have something that the church needs to hear, there are a few ways to get the word out. 

  1. Fill out the Communication Request Form below. This is most efficient way to let us know there's something you need to communicate. 
  2. Reach out to our Collective Communications Director, Tanner Daniels. You can email him at TDaniels@mdcincy.org. 
  3. If you're a member and this is a low priority communication, you can always post to our Missio Dei member's Facebook Page. You should have been added to the page upon receiving membership approval. If not, let us know by emailing us at Life@mdcincy.org.

*please keep in mind that the approval or denial of this request will be provided by the Collective Communications Director and is subject to the discretion of the Eldership Team. 




Moving? Did you get married and change you email address to show off that new last name? Cool beans. Fill out the form below so we can keep you informed!