Gospel Centered • City Focused • Church Community


Gathering Sundays at 9a & 11a


Missio Dei Central is the original church planted by Pastor Kurt Hannah in 2011. From the beginning, it’s been our mission and vision to see localized, inter-dependent congregations take root in every region of the city in order to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Central church exists to serve people inside the highway 275 loop by establishing and multiplying Gospel-Centered, City-Focused Church Communities.

We gather at 9a and 11a on Sunday mornings at Essex studios, and throughout the week in people’s homes.


What to Expect at a Gathering:


Very simply, worship is focusing your attention and affections on something. Gatherings at Missio are full of us focusing our attention and affections on God. We do this in a few different ways. Music and corporate readings facilitate a portion of the gathering, but we also worship through studying God’s word and praying together.

  • You can listen to some of our teaching by visiting our sermons page.

  • You can hear some of our original music or check out the songs we’re singing in gatherings on our music page.


We don't take the vision of being Gospel Centered lightly. Expect to hear passionate, biblical preaching on the weekend where we'll read through a section of text together before one of our pastors or church members breaks it down and helps us apply it practically. 


We believe that whenever the Gospel is proclaimed, it evokes a response in those witnessing it. At Missio, we usually respond to Gospel proclamation with song, communion, prayer, and giving.

Do you have questions or are you interested in meeting someone from Missio before attending a gathering? Email us at Life@missiodei.org and we’ll get something figured out. :)



Striving towards Gospel advancement can take on many forms and functions. Around here, there are lots of ways to serve and be served! Here are a few:


Got a question for us that wasn’t answered here? Shoot us an email at Life@missiodei.org and we’ll help get things sorted out.