Welcome to the OG Missio.

That's right - the ORIGINAL. 

Missio Dei Central launched in 2011 in Walnut Hills. Serving the neighborhoods of Central Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, the Elders and church body of Missio Dei Central are excited about being a part of a Gospel Centered, City Focused, Church Community on this side of town. 

Join us Sunday mornings at 9a or 11a.

Keep reading to learn more about Central's lead pastor, Kurt Hannah, and what to expect at a weekend gathering.


Kurt is the founding pastor of Missio Dei Church in both Asheville, North Carolina and his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. He currently serves as the Lead Teaching Pastor of Missio Dei Central in Cincinnati. He has been married to his wife Shannon since 2000 and they have four highly active kids.

Kurt attended West Virginia University, Bob Jones University, and Reformed Theological Seminary before becoming an ordained Pastor in 2004. He serves as the Regional Director for the Acts 29 Network and is responsible for leading church planting pastors in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

His favorite activities when he’s not cheering his kids on include hiking, reading, drinking craft whiskey, deep and meaningful conversations, and most importantly, spending quality time with his wife and family.


Interested in getting to know more about Kurt or Missio Central?

Contact Kurt

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Gatherings are held at Essex Studios on Sunday mornings at 9a & 11a. 



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Showing up unannounced to a church you've never been to before can be a little daunting at times. Here's what a regular weekend at Missio Dei looks like:


Worship at Missio Dei at a Sunday morning gathering centers around corporate song and liturgical readings. Although we believe worship is happening continually through song, reading, teaching, fellowship, etc... you'll mainly see it practiced during corporate singing. 

We also believe that all of humanity shares in certain aspects of the Gospel story, so don't get freaked out if you hear us reading something off of the screens in unison- it's us recognizing that fact and embracing it. Expect to hear modern renditions of old sacred songs, newer contemporary worship music, and liturgical readings from new and old texts alike. 

Check out this Spotify playlist for an idea of some of the tunes we jam out to, or listen to some Missio original music here. 


We don't take the vision of being Gospel Centered lightly. Expect to hear passionate, biblical preaching on the weekend where we'll read through a section of text together before one of our pastors breaks it down and helps apply it's truths practically. 

We should probably have links here to our collective pages that explain how we approach the gospel, link back to our core values, etc. 


We believe that whenever the Gospel is proclaimed, it evokes a response in those witnessing it. At Missio, we usually respond through communion, prayer, and giving. To learn more about what we believe check out out Statement of Faith here. 


Interested in getting to know some of us before coming to a gathering?

We'd love to have you stop by one of Missio's Community Groups and get connected with people that are apart of Missio before a gathering.

You can learn more about them here. 



Life together in a messy pursuit of Jesus.


We were made for community. No one exists to do life on their own. We need spaces made up of people from all generations of life, to share stories, eat meals, pray, and study God’s Word. We need a space where we work to consider each other over ourselves. No community is perfect, and no two communities are exactly the same; we don’t expect them to be, because people are messy and so is our pursuit of Jesus.

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Missio Kids is built around 3 simple concepts:

1. Gospel - Teaching God's word in ways I can understand.

2. Family - Continuing the story at home with loved ones.

3. Friends - Expressing the love of Jesus to those around me.

Each Sunday, your child will learn the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in an age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. We also seek to help equip parents to train their children in the gospel through resources like family guides for our lessons, weekly activities, and resources for home. Ultimately, the goal of Missio Kids is to get kids excited about Jesus and to get families talking about Jesus together throughout the week.