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For the past few years, Missio's Pastors have been forming a relationship with Daniel Nuñez and his team. The staff at Minesterios Transformacion focuses on planting churches, raising up pastors, and ministering to the people in and around Baja California, Mexico. We'd love to have you join us on a trip to help with construction, training, and encouraging their teams!


There are three ways you can get involved:



Visit them! Go meet the people that run the ministry, and serve alongside them as they labor to advance the Gospel.

Team Leader: Pastor Kurt

Date: Oct. 14-19, 2019

Purpose: Building Projects, children Feeding Program, Street Outreach and discipleship training

Cost: $1000/person

Deposit due: July 8th, 2019

Requirements: Passport


If you can’t visit them yourself, you can help someone else visit.


This is the most important. Without the spirit’s guidance and help, the Gospel can’t advance! Join us as we pray for this mission, and for the people that will be visiting them from Missio Dei.

  1. For the development of healthy pastors that shepherd and proclaim the Gospel well.

  2. For fruitful outreach among the churches in and around Tijuana.

  3. For the health of Pastor Daniel, as he leads the mission of planting 50 churches.


Other questions? Reach out to our deacon of Global Missions by emailing Global@missiodei.org.