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The Loop exists to help the people of Missio Dei Church stay up to date with all the happenings at any of our churches.  

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Redeeming Marriage

Sat • July 13 • 6pm • Hosted at North

Marriage is hard, finding date-nights are hard... We want to help fix that. Experience a date night in where you and your spouse will have time to learn how to strengthen your marriage and begin putting it to practice right then.

We will have childcare, giveaways, refreshments, and a social time. We Can't wait to see you there! We are only going to have 35 spots open for this awesome event, so make sure to register now.


Missio Global Sunday

Sun • July 14 • Central & North Gatherings

Missio Global is an important part of Missio Dei's DNA. We desire to see the Gospel taken to the ends of the Earth. One Sunday a year, we take a break from our current sermon series to celebrate our Global Partners and the work the Lord is doing around the globe.

This coming Sunday is Global Sunday. Come join us at either one of our locations and celebrate with us! We will take a special offering for a brand new partner that will be announced during the gatherings. So come ready for that! See you there. If you’re unable to be with us but would still like to give toward our new partner, you can use the link below!

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Church Meet-Ups

Church Meet-Ups are an excellent opportunity for you to get to know us and others who call Missio Dei Church home. Each congregation has their own specific meet-up location and would love for you to come out and hang! Keep scrolling for more information!

Missio Dei Central

Sun • July 14 • 1:30pm • Madtree Brewing

The Missio Central meet-up is for anyone who attends Missio Central, is a member, or is just interested in hanging out and having a good time. Come join us at Madtree Brewing, at 1:30pm, immediately following the 11am gathering.

Missio Dei North

Sun • July 14 • 12:00pm • 16 Lots Brewing

The Missio North meet-up is for anyone who attends Missio North, is a member, or is just interested in hanging out and having a good time. Come join us at 16 Lots Brewing, 12:00pm, immediately following the 10 am gathering.


Prayers to Consider

Prayer is how we commune with God. It's how we align our hearts with His. Our desire to depend on Him expresses our worship of Him. There are all kinds of things we can pray about every week when it comes to the ministry that's happening at Missio, but here are a few that are on our mind specifically. If you have a prayer request to share with us use this form.

Gospel School


We are preparing for the Fall term of Gospel School. If you’re new around here, Gospel School is where we take time to dig deep into God’s word. We host a variety of classes that cover a wide range of subjects, so stay tuned with us and join us in prayer as we prepare for this awesome ministry!

A29 Global Gathering


Every two years, Acts 29 Pastors from around the globe gather to celebrate what the Lord is doing and to communicate new initiative. Pastor Kurt, Pastor Justin, and their wives will be traveling to Orlando to attend this gathering. Please pray for safe travel and clear minds to discover what the Lord is doing in and around us.

Summer Focus

Church Community

Summer is going strong and so are our cookouts! Join us on as we continue to live missionally in our workplaces and neighborhoods. Pray with us that the Gospel will be known to those that don’t know the love of Christ. Pray that the Lord will open your eyes to the lost.


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