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The Loop exists to help the people of Missio Dei Church stay up to date with all the happenings at any of our churches.  

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Sermons On The App

Warmer weather is coming. That means vacations and trips will happen. If you happen to miss a gathering, don’t forget that we post all our sermons on the app! Feel free to check back during the week to listen in on what you missed. The app also has everything found here, so you can stay in “The Loop”. Click the link below to download!


Missio Dei Central: 3rd Gathering

Begins March 24th • 4:00pm

If you haven't heard yet, Missio Dei Central is excited to announce the launch of a 3rd gathering! As Missio Dei pursues depth, the Lord has been faithful to allow Central to facilitate the growth that comes from that depth. At the start, these 4:00pm gatherings will not have Missio Kids. However, Central is hoping to gain more volunteers to cover these needs. If you attend Central, be praying and asking if the Lord is leading you to attend this new gathering! Also, if you're interested in volunteering for this gathering, fill out the form below!


Prayers to Consider

Prayer is how we commune with God. It's how we align our hearts with His. Our desire to depend on Him expresses our worship of Him. There are all kinds of things we can pray about every week when it comes to the ministry that's happening at Missio, but here are a few that are on our mind specifically. If you have a prayer request to share with us use this form.

Broken Vessels • Upcoming Sermon


This Sunday, Missio North will be exploring I Timothy 2:8-15 in our Sermon Series, 'Broken Vessels.' This text tends to be controversial and sometimes handled divisively. Please pray that what is proclaimed is faithful and clear and that the reception is faithful and gracious for the joy of God's people and the glory of His name.

“For The People” Concert


This weekend, Missio Central is hosting the “For The People” tour (more info can be seen above). Join us in praying for those in our space. Pray that the Gospel is proclaimed and that those in attendance will feel blessed and walk away knowing the Lord deeper.

DNA Groups

Church Community

A handful of Missio Communities are testing out DNA groups over the next couple terms. DNA groups are an excellent opportunity to go deeper and do life together with a smaller group of people. Join us in praying for DNA groups as we seek to understand and launch them well later in 2019.


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