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Our global partners in Strasbourg, France are working to be used by God to be, make and gather devoted disciples of Jesus Christ among the unreached and the unchurched through the total transformation of every man, woman, child and their community in partnership with the Global Church. Below are some of their goals:

- To facilitate the integration of marginalized peoples into the fabric and ways of life in their new community.

- To create a space to restore the dignity, value, purpose, and competency of the whole person for the benefit of the individual, the family, and the community.

- To catalyze the contribution of one's unique identity and culture for the good of society.

- To find people of peace in order to help them discover the Gospel, be restored in Christ, and sent on mission to facilitate the multiplication of disciples and churches in the 8 neighborhoods of Strasbourg comprised of Unreached peoples and back into their countries of origin.

- To model, equip, and launch new leaders to engage their communities with the Gospel in faithful and fitting ways. 

There are three ways you can get involved:



Visit them! Go meet the people that run the ministry, and serve alongside them as they labor to advance the Gospel.

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If you can’t visit them yourself, you can help someone else visit.


This is the most important. Without the spirit’s guidance and help, the Gospel can’t advance! Join us as we pray for this mission, and for the people that will be visiting them from Missio Dei.

Things you can pray for:

  1. Funds for infrastructure and staff to care for the rising number of refugees.

  2. To be able to develop leaders for multiplication, evangelism, and discipleship.

  3. To have a strong and healthy plurality to shepherd those whom God is bringing into their care.

  4. Unity between the staff, refugees, and people of Strasbourg, France.


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