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What's in a Name?


Missio Dei

Missio Dei is a latin theological term meaning simply, “mission of God.” The church and the mission of the church are not our inventions, therefore, we simply confess in our name and in our mission that we join God in what He is doing. Missio Dei Church West exists because we believe that God is on mission by the power of His Spirit, to rescue and redeem His people, transforming us into the image of His Son, so that culture begins to take on the image of His Kingdom.


Establish and multiply gospel centered, city focused, church communities.


We are...

Gospel Centered

We believe the Bible. Through it, God reveals himself to us, no longer leaving us in speculation. It's a story that declares to us the glory of God and puts on display his sovereign power. At the apex of this story is Jesus, the beloved Son of God, who secures for us our redemption through his death, burial, and resurrection (The gospel). This gospel is the center of God's story and the center of our lives. We believe when the gospel is faithfully explained, explored, and expressed, the Holy Spirit will elicit a response in us. Truly, the gospel changes everything.


City Focused

We believe that the gospel compels us to learn from, interact with, and generously give back to our culture in the way we live our lives. Works of social justice, caring for the marginalized and oppressed, and community outreach are not the gospel, but they are the natural implications of the gospel rightly believed. Jesus is transforming not only our individual hearts, but culture as a whole, and we want to work tirelessly to that end as we declare "on earth as it is in heaven!".

Church Community

We believe that people were created to explore the gospel together with honest, vulnerable dialogue about difficult things pursuing depth in relationships to facilitate growth. Rhythms of prayer, confession, repentance, and encouragement must be a natural place in the life of a follower of Jesus, but they become unnatural when exercised in isolation. We aren't meant to do life alone. We are meant to do it in a community of messy sinful people who constantly get it wrong, but push deeply toward an intimate relationship with Jesus and one another.


Lead Pastor Matt


Tiffany and I moved back to the Cincinnati area in November of 2014 to begin building relational connections and work towards planting a Church in Cincinnati. It became very clear that God was leading us to plant on the west side. We have had the opportunity to be involved in Youth Ministry for a number of years. Following that I served on two Church Planting teams, one in Nashville, TN and one in Dallas, TX. We recently have become foster and adoptive parents. We have one foster son living with us currently that we hope to adopt in 2017. We want to see the people of the westside deeply impacted and changed by the power of the Gospel.


Email : mkorte@missiodei.org

Phone: (513) 532-4291


Westside / Bestside

Westside Map.png

The west side of Cincinnati is a very beautiful and diverse part of the greater Cincinnati region. Nearly 30,000 people in habit Westwood as one of Cincinnati’s largest neighborhoods where the urban core of the City of Cincinnati meets the Suburban neighborhoods of the West Side. It acts as a gateway to the entire west side of Cincinnati.

Westwood is surrounded by the city of Cincinnati neighborhoods of West Price Hill, and Mt. Airy. It is also bordered by the City of Cheviot and a large portion of Green Township. Green Township encompasses the neighborhoods of Covedale, Bridgetown, White Oak, and Monfort Heights. About 58,000 people inhabit Green Township. These neighborhoods will form the regional focus of Missio Dei Church West.

The area's growth has continued steadily for many decades, becoming a residential haven for many of Cincinnati's blue-collar workers, and leading to additional development in the surrounding neighborhoods. The west side of Cincinnati is home to many large parks including one of the largest in the midwest, Mt. Airy Park. Just about everywhere you look you will find a sports complex. It is a very family oriented community where those who reside have a lot of community pride.


Religious Culture


Yes, the Filet-O-Fish was invented here as a nod to hungry Lenten customers, and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati oversees the sixth-largest parochial school system in the country, with the majority of them residing on the west side of Cincinnati. Catholicism remains the largest single denomination in the region. Perhaps most surprisingly, people unaffiliated with any religion outnumber any one religious group here, and the percentage of the population in Greater Cincinnati that is unaffiliated with any religion is higher than the nationwide rate.

With neighborhoods dotted by steeples and many parochial schools bursting at the seams, Cincinnati still is a Catholic town; although it’s growing less and less catholic. On the west side of Cincinnati there is a growing number of people I would refer to as culturally catholic. They grew up attending mass at least on Christmas and Easter. They may have even attended one of the several catholic schools on the west side. Yet they have been disconnected from the Roman Church most of their adult life. They have become disenchanted with the traditionalism the Roman Church has offered.

The heavy culturally catholic community and the growing number of people claiming no affiliation with any type of Church has caused the west side of Cincinnati to become, as we see it, the most gospel starved part of our city. We want the gospel of Jesus to radically encompass this part of our town and we believe Missio Dei West will be a huge part of God’s plan in saturating the west side of Cincinnati with the Gospel.




In the spring of 2017 we will begin holding core group meetings on Sunday evenings. We will engage the communities within our regional focus through relationships, community hangouts, and community service. We will preach the gospel, we will invite people in, and grow as a community of believers who will launch their lives into the west side of Cincinnati in the fall of 2017.

The vision of Missio Dei Church, West is to establish and multiply gospel-centered, city-focused, church-communities across the west side of Cincinnati. We believe God is calling us to proclaim the Gospel boldly. Pushing back the brokenness, darkness, and injustice in our community with the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, here are some things we anticipate God doing among us:

  • We see broken people finding life in Jesus.
  • We see the diversity found within the Kingdom of God represented in this local body of believers. Socio economically, culturally, racially, generationally diverse. All on Mission with God together.
  • We see the most vulnerable in our community welcomed, cared for and loved.
  • We see families restored and built up.
  • We see men taking redemptive responsibility for the people and things around them. 
  • We see Communities of courageous missionaries spread out all over our region on mission in their homes and neighborhoods.
  • We see new Churches Planted all over west cincinnati, and beyond.



At Missio our desire is for the Gospel to shape our identity and to express itself in the ups and downs of our everyday life. We facilitate Gospel formation as the Church Gathered and the Church Scattered. We gather as the Church for engaging gospel-centered messages and worship. We scatter as the Church for engaging gospel-centered community. We believe that the Gospel demands us to engage the culture around us with the reconciling grace of Jesus.

Church Gathered

Weekend gatherings will be the primary way we gather as a church around the gospel, to sing together, learn the Scriptures, pray for one another, and create space to hear from the Spirit. This space is where we come together in one heart and one vision to make much of Jesus and encourage one another in our pursuit of Him.

Church Scattered

Missio Communities will be the primary way that we scatter during the week to do life together in a messy pursuit of Jesus. In communities, we are the family of God, on the mission of God, making disciples of Jesus. We also scatter throughout the nation and our world to plant churches and partner in justice work.


Leadership Development


We want to be fruitful and multiply. We consider ourselves a church plant that will plant other planting churches. To do this we need to identify, train and empower leaders to do this work. As we observe and identify leaders we will formally train (i.e. classes, books, and Bible study) and informally disciple and mentor these men and women. Leadership is our future within the church and without the church and is a top priority at Missio Dei West as we believe church planting is a primary strategy of God in people meeting Jesus.




In the spring of 2017 we will begin holding core group meetings on Sunday evenings. We will engage the communities within our regional focus through relationships, community hangouts, and community service. We will preach the gospel, we will invite people in and grow as a community of believers who will launch their lives into the west side of cincinnati in the fall of 2017.


How can I get involved?



Money is necessary to establish a Gospel Centered, City Focused, Church Community like we feel called to plant on the westside of Cincinnati. We need people and churches to partner with us to establish Missio Dei West. We are humbled by and appreciative of your financial partnership. You can give here:


We covet the prayers of God’s people. Understanding that we desperately need the hand of God to work in the lives of the people of the west side. We want to see people far from God brought into relationship with God through the finished work of Jesus. We would appreciate your prayers. Please email mkorte@missiodei.org to get regular updates and prayer requests from our team. 


Come connect with Missio Dei West. We invite you to prayerfully consider connecting to this gospel centered, city focused, church community God is building on the west side of Cincinnati. For more information about connecting with Missio Dei West email me at mkorte@missiodei.org.