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IMPACT – Prishtina was established in March 2017 in the capital city of Prishtina, Kosovo.  The city is made up of 500,000 Muslims and less than 100 followers of Jesus .The missionary team that started IMPACT was assembled in Prishtina in December of 2017 and Ilir Stambolliu assumed the role of pastor in May of 2018. Their ministry consists of outreach events, community groups, and serving the local community.


There are three ways you can get involved:



Visit them! Go meet the people that run the ministry, and serve alongside them as they labor to advance the Gospel.

Stay tuned for the next trip!


If you can’t visit them yourself, you can help someone else visit.


This is the most important. Without the spirit’s guidance and help, the Gospel can’t advance! Join us as we pray for this mission, and for the people that will be visiting them from Missio Dei.

Things you can pray for:

  1. To develop a healthy system of communities that they can bring Muslim people into for discipleship.

  2. To be able to develop leaders for multiplication, evangelism, and discipleship.

  3. To have a strong and healthy plurality to shepherd those whom God is bringing into their care.

  4. For protection in the midst of a growing convictional Islamic culture.


Other questions? Contact our Deacon of Global ministries at Global@missiodei.org.