Giving & Generosity • Central Campus

Getting Started

After reading Luke 18:18-30 and watching the sermon recap video, discuss your relationship with giving. How have you experienced God's generosity toward you and/or people you know?

Community Discussion

The big idea from Sunday was that God demands that we are generous. The generosity of our great God is seen in the sacrifice of Jesus and provision of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Mikey mentioned three implications for our giving if we are to be generous; we are to give regularly, sacrificially, and relationally.

Give Regularly.

What is your plan for regular giving? In what ways do you approach giving as paying a bill rather than as an act of worship?

How has regular giving enhanced your love for God's work?

Give Sacrificially.

In what ways do you expect others to sacrifice so that you don't have to let go of life's comforts and luxuries?

When have you given sacrificially that made a significant impact for the Kingdom of God?

Give Relationally.

How have you given in the past in such a way that you've been relationally disconnected from your offer? How important was the success of that endeavor to you personally?

Contrast your experience giving in a relationally disconnected way to an endeavor in which you celebrated the wins and fallbacks personally? 

Interactive Exercise

Community Leaders - lease take the time to read this to your group in person, and be sure to provide it to them digitally by posting this on your facebook group or by emailing it. Thanks!

As we were heading into this sermon series, the Pastors and creative team really wanted to provide an interactive element to help encourage the missional living that our church is committed to. Below you’ll find a few instructions to outline an experience we’ve put together that will encourage that endeavor.

1. Reflect on your recent spending habits or on something that you've been wanting to buy for yourself. (What’s in your Amazon wishlist? How many cappuccinos are you buying a week? Are all the avocado toasts starting to put a dent in your “eating out” budget?)

2. Create a list of the things that come to mind and then select one that stands out to you.

3. As you go through the week, take the money you would have spent on that thing and place it in the envelope (or keep a tab on the back of this paper).

4. Reflect and pray through ways that you can repurpose that money for Kingdom growth. You do NOT have to give it to Missio (we’d actually prefer that you don’t) -- get creative! If you’d like, you can even pool your money with your group to make a larger impact in your neighborhood. (Some examples might be: Take someone that’s been on your heart out to dinner. Buy groceries for a struggling colleague. Bless a ministry or organization that you’re involved in anonymously.)

5. Share your experience with your Missio Community and with the hashtag #MissioMoney

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