Easter: Jesus, the King, Lives • West Campus

Getting Started

After reading Matthew 28:1-10 and watching the sermon recap video, discuss the time that you first began to believe that Jesus' resurrection made a difference in your life. 

Community Discussion

The primary teaching from Easter Sunday was that Jesus, the King of Peace, has overcome sin and death and that this good news should be told to all people.

As such, there is an invitation in the text to "come and see," as well as to "go and tell," the good news of Jesus' resurrection. 

The first command, "come and see," means that some of us need to become disciples.

  • What is it that you need to see to confirm God’s love for you?
  • In what ways do you struggle to believe the truth that the tomb is empty and Jesus is alive?

The second command, "go and tell," means that some of us need to make disciples.

  • Where are the people in our neighborhoods looking for life among the brokenness, and hopelessness our culture gives them?

  • In what ways are people suffering in sadness because they have no hope beyond this life?

  • Why do you lack the energy and enthusiasm to declare with urgency and boldness the truth of Jesus' resurrection?

  • How will you tell people about Jesus' resurrection?

Missio Dei