Making God Known • Central Campus

Getting Started

After reading Ephesians 3:1-13 and watching the sermon recap video, share how God made Himself known to you. 

Community Discussion

Pastor Kurt pointed out three emphases in the text; the importance of personal mission, the importance of the local church, and the reality of suffering.

Which of those emphases do you tend to neglect?

Personal Mission

What are some ways you have applied the Gospel as you have had to make a life decision?

Who are the people God has hard-wired you to reach with the Gospel? Is it cross-cultural? What are some obstacles that need to be overcome to reach them?

Local Church

Is your life full of substitutions from or supplements to local church participation and commitment?

In what ways are you calling people to commitment and participation in the local church?


Where are you likely to lose heart in a lifestyle of making God known?

Do you tend toward pursuit or avoidance of suffering? What would endurance through suffering look like in your life?

Missio Dei