Unceasing Thanksgiving and Prayer • Central Campus

Getting Started

After reading Ephesians 1:15-23 and watching the sermon recap video, share your experience with hearing the report of a group of Christians known by their faith in Jesus and love for the saints. How does that encourage you to pray?   

Community Discussion

Pastor Kurt pointed out that it is our tendency to give up on praying and lean into our own strength when things are going well or when they are going poorly.

When are you most prone to cease praying? 

If you cease praying when things are going well, it demonstrates an ungrateful spirit, but if you cease when things are going poorly, it demonstrates an sinfully self-reliant spirit.

How do both of these demonstrate a lack of belief in the Gospel?

Paul prayed that God’s people would know God, apply that knowledge to their attitudes and actions (wisdom), and make God known to others (revelation).

Which of those is most relevant to you? Why?

Pastor Kurt pointed out that the posture of Paul as he did not quit praying for God’s people was that he was listening and thanksgiving.

In what ways have you been commended by others for being a good listener?  In what ways do you struggle to be a good listener?

 In what ways do you struggle to give thanks to God for His people? In what ways do you struggle to give thanks to people for the gifts they contribute to Christ’s body?

How might the power of God revealed in the resurrection and ascension of Jesus enlighten your heart to be a godly listener and giver of thanks?

Missio Dei