Every Spiritual Blessing • Central Campus

Getting Started

After reading Ephesians 1:3-14 and watching the sermon recap video, share your experience with hearing the gospel, believing it, and being sealed with the Holy Spirit. Where did you hear the Gospel and when did you first believe?   

Community Discussion

Which of the spiritual blessings mentioned by Pastor Kurt from Eph. 1:3-14 was the most encouraging for you to here? Why?

Who in your life is not currently blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ because he has not heard or has not believed the gospel? What are you going to do about it?

Digging Deeper

Positional Blessings

In Christ, we are chosen. Why do some of us have a hard time with this truth? How does this doctrine aid in experiencing blessing? 

In Christ, we are adopted. We tend to project our view of earthly fathers onto the Perfect Father. How can we encourage one another to lean into the love of God to be sufficient for us?

In Christ, we are holy and blameless before God. How does this blessing change your understanding of how God relates to you? 

Possessional Blessings

In Christ, we have redemption and forgiveness. In what ways do you tend to ignore, excuse, or cover up your guilt when confronted with your sin? How does confession give you freedom to enjoy this blessing?

In Christ, we have knowledge of His will. If Christ is uniting all things under His will, how can we resist the "selfie culture" that says individualism is god?

In Christ, we have an inheritance. How do we set healthy expectations around our inheritance? (Examples: Do you need to be reminded that the inheritance exists? Do you need to know that you might not see it on this side of eternity?)

Missio Dei