The Purpose of Advent • Central Campus

Getting Started

After watching the Sermon recap video, describe a time when even the blessing of God in your life uncovered brokenness in your circumstances, your name, and/or your relationships.

Community Discussion

Pastor Kurt made the point that when our circumstances, name (or reputation), and relationships were broken as a result of sin, we put our trust in things other than Christ to save us.

  • In what ways have we trusted in our own self-righteousness to be saved from sins? How has our church experience reinforced trusting in self-righteousness? 
  • In what ways have we trusted in our reputation and refused to be vulnerable? 
  • What relationships have we trusted to keep us thinking we were safe from sins?

The good news presented in the sermon was that the purpose of Advent was that God would meet with us in our brokenness to save us from sin. 

Three conclusions were drawn from the Gospel this week:

The gospel frees us to seek a renewed name.

  • Rather than being characterized by shame and guilt, how can we think and talk about one another in a way that demonstrates that we trust that Christ renews our names?

The gospel frees us to seek redemptive circumstances.

  • Rather than becoming spiritually and emotionally paralyzed in regard to our circumstances, how might we make the most of where we are to bless others and honor Christ?  

The gospel frees us to seek restored relationships.

  • What brokenness in our relationships needs to be addressed with confession of sin and or making restitution? 
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