We are Church Communities • Central Campus

Getting Started

While Christian community should be the environment where Jesus is encountered by the lives of His people, our tendency is to take from people in relationship or to withhold ourselves from people.

  • In community relationships, what ways have you experienced people taking or withholding from you? In what ways have you taken or withheld from the community?
  • In what ways does Jesus’ example of serving others challenge your attitudes toward serving others?

Community Discussion

Because the Holy Spirit dwells in the lives of God’s people, several traits and needs were mentioned as being essential for Jesus to be experienced in the context of community. Take a moment to discuss the questions connected to the traits and needs.

Traits of Communities:

Communities are geographic.

  • What are some obstacles that might prevent us from connecting relationally to the neighborhood in which we live?

Communities are diverse.

  • The most obvious place to start with diversity is among our kids. How can we include kids in our current patterns of meeting? Can we change some things to make sure kids have a space to be included in our Community? 
  • What are some other things that must be done to reflect the diversity of our neighborhood? 

Communities are open.

  • In what ways have we been dependent upon Sunday worship gatherings to serve as the frontline of evangelism, benevolence, etc.?
  • What is inter-dependence? How does it effect the way our Communities are benevolent?

Needs of Communities:

Communities need commitment

  • What is your expectation of what you will give and what you will receive from Community?
  • Do you see your personality type as an excuse for not participating in Community? On the flip side, could your personality rob other of the oipportunity to participate? How does the Cross redeem both pendulum swings?
  • How should we prioritize Missio Communities in our schedules? Do our schedules allow us to love and serve the members of our Community outside the designated sermon discussion time? 

Communities need accountability

  • How is transparency different from vulnerability?
  • In what ways has our community encouraged vulnerability?

Communities need celebration

  • Is our community known as an environment of criticism or encouragement? If it’s an environment of criticism, what can we do to change that?
  • What are things we can do to celebrate with one another?
Missio Dei