We are City-Focused • Central Campus

Getting Started

Pastor Kurt mentioned four reasons why we might not be actively serving people in a way that God’s disciples are called to serve so that He is honored. 

  • The first reason was that many of us view greatness like the Gentiles (those who don’t know God) and are distracted from serving by the desire of being served.
  • The second reason was that many of us are only willing to serve if our service can be visible and celebrated.
  • A third reason was that many of us don’t believe we have anything to offer.
  • The final reason was that some of us are simply unaware of the needs around us.

Which of these best describes you personally? How has this prevented you from serving with your community?

In what ways does Jesus’ example of serving others challenge your attitudes toward serving others?

Community Discussion

The action steps to take away from the sermon were to develop the heart, head, and hands of a servant so that the Kingdom of God would advance in the city of Cincinnati. 

  • How might we as a community develop the heart of servants? In what ways can we pray for our neighborhood?


  • How might we as a community develop the head of servants? What do we know in regards to meeting needs? What resources are available to learn more?


  • How might we as a community develop the hands of servants? Where are we already serving strong? What simple things could we be doing that would result in our neighborhood take a moment to listen to what we have to say about the Gospel in a credible manner?
Missio Dei