We are Gospel-Centered • Central Campus

Getting Started

There will be no sermon recap video this week due to the Missions trip to Tijuana, Mexico, but we wanted to make sure that we made community discussion questions available for your community times this week. We are in prayer that this week would be an incredible week of discussion, prayer and mission within your Missio Community.

We kicked off a brand new Sermon Series this week entitled Family Traits, the qualities that define us. Our first week looked at the trait of Gospel Centeredness. Pastor Kurt opened John 4 where we see Jesus’ Gospel Centeredness as he meets a woman in Samaria. The story begins as Jesus moves into Samaria , away from the Pharisees who were seeking a fight with Jesus. (John 4:1-30) We see in John 4 the stark contrast between the Pharisees and Samaritans, where the Pharisees are quick to pick fights with those who do not conform to their path, and the Samaritans who had forsaken the law to create their own.

  • Which of the two do you most feel like you identify with?

    • How have you, like a Pharisee alienated the outsider?

    • How have you, like a Samaritan, tried to create you own laws that fit your desires?

Community Discussion

As we spend three weeks looking into the values that mark Missio Dei Church, this week Pastor Kurt said that the Gospel is a Good News message that is proclaimed.

  • Why must the Gospel be proclaimed?

    • How well are you proclaiming the Gospel?

    • Do your neighbors, co-workers, or family listen to you?

    • If you stopped proclaiming the Gospel, would anyone notice?


Pastor Kurt said that the message of the Gospel is to “come and die”

  • What does that mean?

    • In What ways are you refusing to confess sin?

    • How are you believing that God’s grace makes sin safe?

  • We should assess the proclaimed Gospel of our lives.

    • Where is your life not good news to others?


  • We should accept the proclaimed Gospel into our lives.

    • Where are you not believing the Gospel right now?

    • Do you beam with pride, as Kurt’s son, Bracken, does about “building a fireplace” with his dad, when you get to participate in the work God is doing?


  • We should apply the proclaimed Gospel to our lives.

    • What needs to die in you for the Gospel to be truly alive?

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