The Purpose of Advent • West Campus

Getting Started

After watching the Sermon recap video, describe a time when you've been made aware of brokenness in your life, in your relationships or in the circumstances surrounding you.

Community Discussion

The incarnation of Jesus is God's entering humanity's brokenness to be with His people and save them from their sin. Even in light of this we struggle with understanding our brokenness. Some of us under emphasize our brokenness. For some of us, our brokenness isn't as big of a deal as God makes it so we attempt to save ourselves from our sin. 

  • In what ways have we trusted in our own self-righteousness to be saved from sins? How has our church experience reinforced trusting in self-righteousness? 
  • In what ways have we hidden our brokenness by presenting ourselves better than we really are? 
  • How do we continually blame other people for our brokenness? In what ways has bitterness sprung up from this?

Some of us over emphasize our brokenness. Our sin is too great that we feel as if it can't be overcome by Jesus.

  • In what ways have we held onto brokenness because it is comfortable to us, like a warm blanket or a favorite shirt? How does the thought of not being identified by our brokenness cause anxiety and fear within us?
  • In what ways have we used our brokenness to justify and explain our sin?  

The good news of the Gospel is that there is no brokenness, no sin to horrendous, no shame to deep, and no bitterness to strong to be overcome by Jesus. This should bring freedom in our lives. 

Three conclusions were drawn from the Gospel this week:

The gospel frees us to pursue the flourishing of other people

  • In what ways can we protect the dignity and reputation of the people around us even if it means that our name and reputation take a hit? What are some practical ways to pursue the flourishing of the people around us?

The gospel frees us to pursue faithfulness despite our circumstances

  • Why do we continue to live in sin as if Jesus never came, and Jesus never died to satisfy our sin, buried it to remove our sin, and rose again to overcome our sin?

The gospel frees us to pursue forgiveness in all of our relationships

  • What brokenness in our relationships needs to be addressed with confession of sin, repentance and or making restitution in order for restoration to happen?
Missio Dei