The Promise of Advent • West Campus

Getting Started

What cultural references do we most identify with humanities need for the rule and reign of a Perfect King? (ex. Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur) How does this express humanities need and desire for the rule and reign of Jesus?

Community Discussion

The promise of advent is that Jesus came into humanity as King to rule the eternal Kingdom of God. A couple of implications of this reality that we discovered in the text help us understand what Jesus' rule and reign mean for our lives.  The Kingdom of Jesus is not confined by time, the Kingdom of Jesus does not compete with other Kingdoms, and that the Kingdom of Jesus is not controlled by any limitation. The gospel, declares that In Christ, the impossible is made possible. This should bring us immense hope as believing citizens of this eternal Kingdom. 

  • How has our limited understanding affected our ability to think, act, and invest our life, energy and resources in the eternal Kingdom of God?
  • In what ways have we allowed competing Kingdoms to pull our focus away from the Kingdom of Jesus? What inner turmoil seems to rule and reign in our lives? In what ways have served the Kingdom of self, instead of the Kingdom of Jesus?
  • Jesus Kingdom isn't limited by anything, yet we often place limitations on His Kingdom, even if only in our own minds. In what ways have we limited the Kingdom and power of Jesus in our lives due to our unbelif?

Three conclusions were drawn from the Gospel this week:

As we trust that God's words are true we can respond to King Jesus with submission.

  • Describe a time in your life where you've had to submit to Jesus' purposes. In what ways was this difficult for you to do so? How did you learn to trust Him more in the process?
  • What are some ways in which you refuse to submit to the rule and reign of King Jesus? What keeps you from trusting Him in these areas?

As we trust that God's words are true we can respond to King Jesus with reliance.

  • In what ways has indifference to God and God's people kept you distant from God and His people relationally, and serving out of obligation? 
  • What is is that keeps you from admiring Jesus affectionately? What are some things that seem to be the source of your joy and love more than Jesus? In what ways does this reveal what or whom is reigning as King in your life?

As we trust that God's words are true we can respond to King Jesus with expectation. 

  • Describe a circumstance in your life currently that you've felt or responded to as if the power of Jesus can not overcome it. What about this makes restoration, or healing seem so impossible? Why do you feel as if Jesus can not overcome it?
  • Do we believe that Jesus can change lives, restore brokenness, and overcome sin? Why then do we not proclaim Jesus to one another, and to our neighbors?
Missio Dei