The Mockery of the Gospel | July 23, 2017

Getting Started

  • What are some ways that people mock Jesus because they have a misunderstanding of Jesus?
  • What influences our understanding of Jesus?

Community Discussion

  • At the time leading up to Jesus death we see people making a mockery of who Jesus was. In what ways have we made a mockery of Jesus in the way that we don't understand Jesus or the ways in which he works? What are some of the ways we have allowed circumstances and voices other than Scripture to shape our understanding of Jesus and His purposes?
  • Jesus is at work in the world that we live in. Even in light of this reality, we sometimes mock Jesus because we fail to see the ways in which He is working. What are some ways we haven't seen Jesus is at work within our Missio Community? What are some ways we have mocked Jesus in not seeing the way Jesus is at work in our City?
  • We were encouraged to understand God through His word, to celebrate the ways God is moving among us, and rejoice in all things. Which of these three things do we find most difficult? What hinders us from seeking a faithful and biblical understanding of Jesus? What hinders us from seeing the way God is moving? What keeps us from rejoicing in all things?

Further Discussion


  • In what areas of your life have you been able to see, understand and celebrate the working of Jesus in your life? In the lives of those around you? In your society generally? What hinders you from seeing the ways that Jesus is at work in your life?
  • Sometimes our understanding of God comes from sources other than His word. What influences your understanding of God currently that contradicts a biblical understanding of God? What keeps you from spending time studying the word of God? In what ways could you commit to careful study of the Scriptures to gain a biblical understanding of God?
  • We were encouraged to rejoice in all things. Sometimes we find it difficult to rejoice in things that we view as confusing and challenging. What are some areas in your life that you are rejoicing about right now? What are some areas of your life that you are finding it difficult and maybe impossible to rejoice about? What do these things reveal to us about the way we understand Jesus and His purposes?


  • What things are currently influencing your families understanding of Jesus? What are you currently doing as a family to faithfully study Scripture to understand God the way in which He has chosen to be understood? What are some practical ways the Scriptures can begin or continue shaping your families understanding of God?
  • Sometimes in the grind of life, particularly in a young and growing family it can be difficult to see the ways in which God is moving and find a way to rejoice in all things. What are some areas in the life of your family that you are celebrating what God is doing? What are some areas in your families life that you are finding it difficult to rejoice about? 
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