Strength for the Weak | June 4, 2017

Getting Started

  • Why is it so difficult for people to be vulnerable with their weaknesses?
  • What makes many of us live under the illusion of strength?

Community Discussion

  • What about our weaknesses causes us to hide in isolation from our community instead of living lives of faithful vulnerability with those within our community? How can we grow in this area as a community over this summer term?

  • In what ways does ignorance of our weaknesses, illusions about our weaknesses, and insecurities about our weaknesses express our dependence on ourselves and not Jesus? How do these weaknesses affect our lives in community and on mission?  How can we as a community be prayerful, preach dependence, and practice vulnerability together?

  • How does our misunderstanding of our weaknesses affect the way we interact with our unbelieving friends and neighbors? What hinders us from allowing people around us to be vulnerable with their weaknesses? How are we as a community creating space for people with weaknesses to become a part of our community so that they can grow in their dependence on Jesus?


Further Discussion


  • What are some areas of weakness in your life? How do these weaknesses push you to a greater dependence on Jesus? How does your aversion towards vulnerability continue to push you towards a greater dependence on yourself rather than Jesus?
  • What are some ways you have been ignorant and unaware of your weaknesses? What are some ways you have been deceiving yourself about your weaknesses? What are some ways you have been insecure and dishonest about your weaknesses?  Who do you have in your life that is helping you reveal areas of weaknesses you may be unaware of? What could you add to your normal life rhythms to begin living a life of vulnerability within gospel community?
  • The strength of Jesus frees us to be honest about our deficiency and weakness. How does this gospel truth affect your vulnerability with Jesus in prayer, and vulnerability with others in gospel community? What are some practical ways you can practice vulnerability with God and others?


  • How has denial, unawareness, and dishonesty about your weaknesses, and the weaknesses of your family members affected your family dynamics? Where have you seen relationship breakdown because of lack of vulnerability amongst your family? Where have you seen relationship flourish amongst your family because of vulnerability about weaknesses? What are some practical ways your family could develop a dependence on the Spirit in regards to your weaknesses?
  • How has the fact that Jesus became your weakness at the cross, then overcomes it in the resurrection, and send His Spirit to empower us to live lives dependent on Himself change the way you view weaknesses in members of your family? How are you creating space as a family to have compassion on and acknowledge the weaknesses of members of your family?
Missio Dei