Solus Christus • West Campus

Getting Started

This week there will be no sermon recap video. Some of the Pastor's are away at the Sojourn Network Conference. We wanted to make sure that we made community discussion questions available for your community times this week through. We are in prayer that this week would be an incredible week of discussion, prayer and mission within your Missio Community. 

The major battle we face today is the exclusivity of Christ as the only way in which mankind can have relationship with God. The idea of God is commonly embraced, but Jesus being God, and the only way we can have reconciliation with God faces intense scrutiny and opposition. 

  • What are some paths that our culture embraces as paths to God?

Community Discussion

  • Martin Luther said that "Jesus Christ is the center and circumference of the Bible." Jesus said in John 5:39 that it was the scriptures that reveal Him. John 14:6 says that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. That no man may come to the Father but by Jesus. Solus Christus is the declaration and defense of the exclusivity of Christ as the only mediator between God and man, and the sufficiency of Christ, both His person and His work. We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ Alone. The enlightenment age tried to teach us that truth was only what we could make sense of within our reasoning abilities. The post-modern age tried to teach us that there is no absolute truth, and that all truth is subjective to an individuals experiences. The reformers declared that Scripture Alone holds the authority of truth. 
    • How have we been influenced to understand Jesus in only the ways that we can make sense of Him in our logic, or make sense of Him through our experiences? In what ways does our understanding of Jesus find conflict with what Scripture says is true of Jesus?
    • Pluralism is the worldview that embraces multiple paths to reconciliation with God. As believers, how have we embraced a pluralism influenced Gospel in the way we understand the world, the way we communicate the Gospel to unbelievers, and the way that we continue growing in sanctification?


  • If Hell is a real place of eternal punishment (and it is), and Jesus is the only way humanity can be made right with God (and He is) we must be a people who know and submit to Jesus as revealed in the scriptures, and a people who proclaim Jesus as revealed in the scriptures. Jesus Christ is the exclusive Hope for salvation, and there is salvation in no one else, or nothing else. 
    • Why are we so apathetic in our prayers for the unbelieving we know and love? Why is there no burden that brings us to our knees, and no prayers propelling us to action declaring Jesus to the unbelieving around us? 
    • What does the way we proclaim Jesus to our unbelieving friends, neighbors, and family reveal about our love for them? 
    • The reality of Hell should bring us to a place of understanding Christ, and proclaiming Him boldly and clearly, and faithfully with tears in our eyes to those around us. Why is this such a difficult thing for us? What does our inability or ineffectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel declare about our belief that Hell exists and is a reality? What does our lack of proclaiming the Gospel reveal about our belief that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation as Paul states in Romans 1:16?
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