Solus Christus • Central Campus

Getting Started

This week there will be no sermon recap video. Some of the Pastor's are away at the Sojourn Network Conference. We wanted to make sure that we made community discussion questions available for your community times this week though. We are in prayer that this week would be an incredible week of discussion, prayer and mission within your Missio Community. 

The major battle we face today is the exclusivity of Christ as the only way in which mankind can have relationship with God. The idea of God is commonly embraced, but Jesus being God, and the only way we can have reconciliation with God faces intense scrutiny and opposition. 

  • What are some paths that our culture embraces as paths to God?

Community Discussion

  • Justin made a confession that sometimes he runs to Bob Ross Paints episodes to calm him before he runs to Jesus. What God-substitutes do you run to for peace or satisfaction?
  • Romans 1 says that in seeking wisdom we actually become fools. What wisdom do we seek outside of Christ, only to be shown our foolishness?
  • We poked at the idea of “Simul Justus et Peccator,” or the idea that we are simultaneously justified, yet sinful. What would it look like if we really believe this Truth?
  • Pastor Justin talked about the “elephant analogy,” and the cultural understanding that all religions can be true, because we are like blind men trying to understand only part of a whole elephant. As the Holy Spirit works to open our eyes to God’s character, how do we let our experiences distort that view? How do we let our experiences and the experiences of others distort our ministry?
  • We looked at John 10:1 & 7, where Jesus talks about how we are liars and thieves who look for false doors into heaven, ignoring Jesus, the One True Sheepdoor. What false ways are we trying to get to God?
  • How are we asking God to answer to our imaginations of who He is, instead of us answering to who He is?
  • What role does compassion play in ministry when people are plainly wrong? How can we love and support unsaved friends while preaching un-compromised Truth?
  • How have you resisted the call to come and die? How have you seen The Spirit enable you to die to yourself?


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