Sola Scriptura • West Campus

Getting Started

October 31, 1517 became a day that would radically change the world as Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the sounding board door of Castle Church hoping to debate the Authority of Scriptures in comparison to Church Authority, and Church Leadership Authority. His hopes were to call the Church back to Biblical faithfulness.  This and many other events sparked the reformation and  put words to core doctrines that the Roman Church had grown further and further from. This resulted in the 5 solas. This week we talked about Sola Scriptura, which was the cornerstone for all the other solas. Scripture Alone is the God inspired final authority for truth. This needs to be declared and defended 500 years ago and still needs to be declared and defended today.

  • In what ways have you found yourself  trusting tradition, personal experience, and/or cultural consensus for truth? 

Community Discussion

  • In the fast moving world that we live in truth can become something that is fluid and subjective. How has this affected our ability to discern the unchanging authoritative truth of God’s word and what the world around us declares as truth? What are some real life examples of how the ideals of the world around us has caused us to question our faith in God and His word?


  • Because God speaks with authority (inspiration), truthfully (inerrancy and infallibility), and His speech is enough (sufficiency) we should be students of God’s word. Which doctrine (inspiration, inerrancy, or sufficiency) creates the most confusion for you? Why? 


  • The Community God has placed us in is a means of grace in which He helps us understand His word, and helps us grow more confirmed to the image of Christ. What are some ways we are studying God’s word, applying God’s word, and sharing God’s word with one another? What are some ways this can become a more significant part of the way that we relate to one another?


  • God speaks to be heard, and His word is necessary for salvation and sanctification because His word leads us to life in Jesus. What are we doing as a community  to declare God’s word to the our friends and neighbors around us? What are some practical ways that we can more regularly declare God’s word in our community?
Missio Dei