A Vision for Prayer | Jan. 1, 2017

Getting Started

  • What do you think motivates most people to pray? What do you think prevents people from praying?
  • Describe the last time you prayed faithfully for something or someone. How often were you praying? How confident were you that your prayers were being heard? How did that particular situation turn out?


Sermon Recap


Community Discussion

  •  What are some practical things (try to name at least three) we can do to ensure that we are praying together instead of having one person pray for a few minutes over the collection of prayer updates that took significantly longer to gather?
  • How can our prayers together be "better" than our prayers in isolation? What are the benefits of praying in community?
  • Put into action at least one of the practical suggestions that we made from question one.

Further Discussion


  • How can you actively pray for the requests and people that you offer to pray for instead of making empty promises to pray?
  • What rhythms of life hinder you from a consistent prayer life? What are some ways you can guard times throughout your week to develop a consistent prayer life?
  • In what ways are your prayers more reactive to difficult situations than proactive in pursuit of Jesus? Why is it easier for you to pray when things are difficult than when things are going well?


  • What are the routines in your household that prevent you from praying together as a family?
  • What are some times that you can guard during your week to pray toether as a family? What things would enhance your times of prayer together?
Matt Korte