Gift or God? • West Campus

Getting Started

After reading Luke 18:18-30 and watching the sermon recap video, discuss your relationship with money. Do you tend to use and understand it as a gift to be enjoyed, or as a god to be worshipped?


Community Discussion

Pastor Matt mentioned that our use and understanding of money reveals what we value and what we trust. He said, "Money is a gift to be enjoyed, and not a god to be worshipped." We were challenged to really dig in and examine the allegiances of our hearts, and the actions of our hands. 

Some of us rely on money for a source of our identity. We feel socially connected, emotionally secure and personally significant based on the amount of money we have or the amount of possessions we have purchased with our money. 

Some of us are judgmental of others regarding their financial situation. Money becomes something that divides people inside the Church and outside the Church. Instead of using money to bless people, we began to use people to bless ourselves through manipulation, greed, and envy. 

The problem with these type of responses towards money is the reliance we put on our financial status to determine our relationship with God instead of relying on the person and work of Jesus, who left the riches of heaven and laid down His life to offer forgiveness for our trust in material possessions and His taking up His life again to offer us power to overcome being ruled by these little gods.

What kinds of sinfulness and selfishness has been revealed in your life regarding the use and understanding of money?

How does your fear and worry regarding money reveal what you truly value? What stresses you out most about money? How does that reveal your dependance on money and not Jesus?

What does the way you use your money reveal that you value? What does it reveal about the way you value or don't value the Kingdom of God?


Interactive Exercise

Community Leaders - lease take the time to read this to your group in person, and be sure to provide it to them digitally by posting this on your facebook group or by emailing it. Thanks!

As we were heading into this sermon series, the Pastors and creative team really wanted to provide an interactive element to help encourage the missional living that our church is committed to. Below you’ll find a few instructions to outline an experience we’ve put together that will encourage that endeavor.

1. Reflect on your recent spending habits or on something that you've been wanting to buy for yourself. (What’s in your Amazon wishlist? How many cappuccinos are you buying a week? Are all the avocado toasts starting to put a dent in your “eating out” budget?)

2. Create a list of the things that come to mind and then select one that stands out to you.

3. As you go through the week, take the money you would have spent on that thing and place it in the envelope (or keep a tab on the back of this paper).

4. Reflect and pray through ways that you can repurpose that money for Kingdom growth. You do NOT have to give it to Missio (we’d actually prefer that you don’t) -- get creative! If you’d like, you can even pool your money with your group to make a larger impact in your neighborhood. (Some examples might be: Take someone that’s been on your heart out to dinner. Buy groceries for a struggling colleague. Bless a ministry or organization that you’re involved in anonymously.)

5. Share your experience with your Missio Community and with the hashtag #MissioMoney

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