Soli Deo Gloria • Central Campus

Getting Started

One of the unique aspects of being a human is that we are meaning makers of our lives. We assign purpose and value to the facts and events we experience.   

  • How do your co-workers, friends, and family who don't know Jesus try to find meaning in life? To what things do they assign highest value? How should this look different for Christians?

Community Discussion

The primary text we utilized at Central this week was Rev. 5:6-13 where we learned the following:

  • Every creature in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and in the sea, and all that is in them gave glory and honor and praise to Jesus as the only one worthy to receive such glory.
  • The primary point made during the sermon was that God created and is consummating a world designed for His glory alone.

To understand glory, we must define it. Glory, according to the Bible is a thought consuming weightiness.

  • What are the things we give weight to and allow to consume our thoughts? 

We were created to reflect, relate to, and represent God’s glory, but tend to seek that glory for ourselves. Culture calls it narcissism, but the Bible calls it vanity or emptiness and worthlessness. Pastor Kurt mentioned several ways we pursue the empty or vainglory of comfort, approval, control, or power.

  • What vain pursuit do you most identify with? How has that pursuit deflated your view of God’s Glory? How can these sinful tendencies be redeemed?

Pastor Kurt made four points of application: 

1. Listen to what the cross says about us.

How does scripture, and the reality of the cross deflate our own glory? How does it proclaim God's glory in us?

2. Practice discipline of obscurity.

Why is it so difficult to serve without being noticed? How can we die to ourselves in the way we are serving so that we may be marked by obscurity?

3. Stop seeking glory from people and seek it for people.

In what ways do you see people as obstacles? What would it look like to see people as co-laborers in need of applause and prayer?

4. Enjoy God

How can you establish rhythms that allow you to enjoy God? 

Missio Dei