Wait for it | Aug. 27, 2017

Getting Started

For many of us, trusting God seems impossible because we don't have the patience to wait for His promises. Sometimes our impatience is expressed through impulsivity, evident by our craving of instant gratification and change. At other times our impatience is expressed through apathy and instead of active and patient waiting, we simply let life happen. Impulsivity results in dismissive and judgmental attitudes toward God and His image bearers, while apathy results in quitting on God given goals and gifts. 

  • What evidence do we see that our culture is driven by the desire for instant gratification and change?

Community Discussion

Habakkuk’s confidence in God’s faithfulness is challenged by his vision of the Chaldeans serving as an instrument of judgment against God's people in Judah. Although Judah was rebellious toward God, Habakkuk believed them to be more righteous than the Chaldeans and complained about the joy of the wicked who always seem to have it easy. God answered the prophet again declaring that he should not be puffed up, but patient, living a life based upon faith and not sight. The big idea was that God desires patience from His people, even when it doesn't seem like He's doing or moving enough.

Waiting on God, however is a key theme in the Bible and something expected of God's people throughout the history of His interaction with us. This is expressly declared in Hebrews 10, 11, and 12. We learn in these verses that the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus empowers us to patiently wait in God's place, or to patiently move at God's pace.

Pastor Kurt mentioned that patience isn’t an issue of personality, but of faith. How does your lack of patience reveal the ways you are not trusting God?

Patiently waiting in God's place involves lining up our goals with God's

  • Can you describe a time when you waited in one place, maybe begrudgingly, but the Lord used that time of waiting to reshape your thoughts and affections?

  • Can you describe a time where you saw evidence that  God's timing was better than yours and by waiting for it, you experience reward or by being impatient, you missed out?

Patiently moving at God's pace involves listening to God's word and looking for His leading.

  • Can you name a time when a clear command of scripture caused you to move from a place of comfort to a place of discomfort?

  • What are some ways the Scriptures are clearly calling you to do something, but you have either moved too quickly (impulsively) or you haven't moved quickly enough (apathy)?

  • Pastor Kurt mentioned asking advice from those who have nothing to gain when they have to tell you, "No." Can you name a time when you had someone tell you, "No," but you moved anyway and missed out on what God was doing?

  • To whom do you turn in life when you have to make a big decision (what job to take, what relationships to nurture, when you want to spend significant money)? Who are some people you could ask such advice?

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