Prayer for Spiritual Knowledge • West Campus

Getting Started

Pastor Matt reminded us that Paul's life is a life of humility which enabled him to both recognize and appreciate the success of others. How do you respond to the success of others? What are some examples of ways you've celebrated the success of others? What are some ways you've been jealous of the success of others?

Community Discussion

Paul prays that God would give believers the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. Understanding that wisdom is applied knowledge and is represented in the outworking of God's truth. In what ways are you seeking to learn more about God? How are you applying that knowledge in your life? How are you making the knowledge of God clearly known to those around you?

In our text we highlighted some specific things that Paul wanted believers to know about God. These things included the hope of God's calling, the riches of God's inheritance, and the greatness of God's power. 

• Paul wants the believers to know the hope of God's calling. Society continually encourages us to look inside of ourselves to find ourselves which stands in contrast to Paul's encouragement to know ourselves in light of who God is. Why do we turn to ourselves for purpose instead of walking in God's purposes for us?

• Paul wants the believers to know the riches of God's inheritance. What is this inheritance? And how can it change our perspective on suffering?

• Paul wants the believers to know the greatness of the power of God. What does the power of God mean for our lives as individuals? as a Missio community? as a Church? 

Talk through ways that your community can encourage one another on toward staying humble, staying hopeful, and staying hungry. In this conversation, touch on how the lenten season (fasts, prayer, reading) can help us stay humble, hopeful, and hungry. 



Missio Dei