The Fleeting Community of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go will fade. It’s popularity is high now, but soon enough people will get tired. They will get tired of having to leave to track down their favorite Pokemon. They will get tired of seeing the same creatures. Slowly but surely, the phones will go back into our pockets and this momentary community will fade.

Disciplining Your Children with Ice Cream

When most people hear the word discipline they automatically think of consequences like time-outs, spankings, or having pleasures taken away from them. This is a form of discipline and one we practice in our home. However if we see discipline from a more holistic perspective we can see most things we do in the home as discipline.

Missio Dei
Christians & Money

The first principle it teaches us is that money is good and can be enjoyed. There are some of us who mistakenly believe a gospel of poverty, which teaches that a right standing with our neighbor and our God is achieved by shunning money. The practical outflow of this is that money is seen as corrupting and that those who have it must have done something wicked to attain it.

Missio Dei